My childhood,

I miss you the most.

To wait for the next neighbor to come out on the street.

To love everyone like your mother.

Not telling anyone as if it's a shame.

And you run when you saw bikes for the first time.

The bread you ate from your mother's hand on a rainy day.

To look at the wet streets and get excited.

The sidewalk where you sit on summer evenings.

I would like to see you one more time.

Without speaking...

Kneel tight to the ground...

Hug you..

Now I want to leave my tears on your shoulders,

without telling you who I am... without looking back,

without showing you that I'm crying.

I miss you so much, but I miss you so much...

My childhood!


In Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre, our children will not lose their childhood. Hold on to life. Speak and learn the most spoken languages and be friendly brothers and sisters in the world. Let's knock down the borders with tongues. Our Arabic literate activities are for our guests from Syria and who are living in Turkey. The volunteer teachers provide beneficial support in education by offering them various resources.